AAIMHI WA Competency Guidelines

In March 2015, the AAIMHI WA Competency Guidelines for Culturally- Sensitive, Relationship-Focused Practice Promoting Infant Mental Health ® were launched in Perth, Western Australia. Guest speakers at the launch were Dr Deborah Weatherston, Executive Director of the Michigan Association for Infant Mental Health  (MI-AIMH) and Kate Civitella from the Mental Health Commission (MHC of WA), who joined AAIMHI WA President Rochelle Matacz to introduce the new guidelines and their significance for the many professionals working with infants, young children and their families in Western Australia.

AAIMHI WA is leading the way internationally as the first Affiliate of the World Association for Infant Mental Health (WAIMH) outside the USA to have a licensing agreement to use the MI-AIMH Competency Guidelines®. AAIMHI WA, in close collaboration with MI-AIMH, has reviewed and modified the MI-AIMH Competency Guidelines® to ensure that all terms and conditions are culturally appropriate for the WA context.

The MI-AIMH Competency Guidelines® were identified in a report commissioned by the MHC of WA as the most authoritative and comprehensive set of competency guidelines currently in existence. An important component of the MI-AIMH Framework is that it articulates Infant Mental Health competencies specific to reflective practice across a range of disciplines in the infant, early childhood and family workforce. The key findings of this report are published in Perspectives in Infant Mental Health Vol.23 No.3 (Summer 2015).  READ ARTICLE

The full report, Building the Mental Health of Infants and Young Children in WA: Workforce Competency Based Training Project, was submitted to MHC of WA in October 2013. READ REPORT

The new AAIMHI WA Competency Guidelines® identify eight areas of competency: Theoretical Foundations; Law, Regulation and Agency Policy; Systems Expertise; Direct Service Skills; Working with Others; Communicating; Thinking; and Reflection.

Copies of the AAIMHI WA Competency Guidelines® can be obtained from AAIMHI WA.

Download a brochure about the AAIMHI WA Competency Guidelines®

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